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    Suzuki Jimny (1998)

    From Tamiya Kit
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    MG6 GT & Magnette

    Indeed. I prefer the other style wheels. And it does look alot better in the real world then in pics.
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    MG6 GT & Magnette

    Got these off the MG website. A bit annoying the GT is in black.
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    BMW 550i Gran Turismo (2009)

    You mean make a 575i GT :D
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    BMW 550i Gran Turismo (2009)

    Those prints raise interesting questions like.. Why is the bonnet so short. Good donation anyway :)
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    Subaru Impreza WRC (2002)

    A bump with good intentions. ;)
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    BMW X3 E83

    The 360 views at: BMW US Helps. And its the 4.4i.