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    Faster method to Model this u can ask a request to this guy. He can then make tutor on on your subject, if donated. He works in 3dsMax. Or watch the topology theme he has. Generally, why not make in a "ordinary poly thingies" way? )
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    Mercedes W123

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    Mercedes W123

    Chimaera987 Thanks. U don't need PhotoModeler at all. Yes, it is 3DsMax. U can check my workflow in this field. Just basic. Complete Oil Tanker matching. And for example U've got to work with camera more accurate to match even such a simple object. But it's...
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    Mercedes W123

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    Mercedes-Benz W124 300D X 1992

    that's nuts! Superb!:oops::cool:
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    Mercedes W123

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    Mercedes W123

    Hi. Some WIP on this car. Use photomodeling to check the stuff.
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    Peugeot 403 Lt.Columbo (As free stuff for games e.t.c.)

    Used to make some improvements.
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    U don't need that soft to do the photomodeling. All can be done with manual camera match is 3dsMax. A way, way better approach to do that.