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  • Hey man, I think I found the right person. You are the creator of the 2003 Ford Crown Victoria mod for gta 4 correct? here is the link: - GRAND THEFT AUTO Source for Mods, Addons, Cars, Maps, Skins and more

    I REALLY REALLY Want a Mercury Marauder mod! So PLEASE if you could do me such a huge favor, either send me a unlocked file So I can make it myself, (with ALL credit going to you) or you could make it, Which I would really just love! Because ovbiously you have expertise at this when I am a complete n00b. I want to make this for the Mercury Marauder community, a website I belong too. Im sure they would be so happy. So please contact me and let me know!
    lets to much work grrr....whyyyy! lmao nah its a great model man great model lol hey get on icq once in a while xD
    wellllll then..... let me get back to you on that one..... nah after a few thousand reduction..... ima just admit myself to the mental ward thx brother thx a lot
    really? wow... is now impressed beyond belief i shall now worship you xD =P hahaha i cant beleive the impala is 100k tris because it looks just so good like it was made up of 250-450k or higher lol
    You are quite welcome, I quite enjoy the lighting and effects of the imagery not to mention the modeling. but please tell me whats your base poly count for the whole car without being smoothed in anyway =P thats if you can still or remember a general range... just feeding the curious mind haha
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