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  • Hi man!
    I heard about you in my visitor messages. Thanks for remember, hehe ...
    Really i´m a little out about modeling because my actual job steal a lot of time, and other distractions.
    I hope i´ll back soon because i miss it ...

    Cheers, bye friend.
    it's only the games that allow it. I don't have specialized hardware to allow me to take screenshots like the magazine companies would have... though I would like some. But nah, GT4 and GT5 just have a built-in photo mode which I'm using for unorthodox purposes XD
    Bonjour Salim,

    How are you?! You are working on a new project again? I remember your M3, Rs4 and TT! I started a Maserati..
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Bonjour, Long time no see my old friend sorry for my absence as of late message me sometime here or on the messenger :)
    Well, my actual work is in security for Internet and Email. I´m selling some antivirus for universities and some appliances for the web and mail.

    Now i´m performing some songs for my 10º album because i also work with audio and video. I use Vst instruments and some sequencer to make music.

    Now it´s time for a break in 3D projects. I´ll be back soon.
    Hi man, how are you.
    Just scratching some car? What about your Ferrari California?
    Let us know ...
    Hey Salim. Hope you´ll be fine.
    I´m so busy these days. As soon as posible i´ll contact.
    Salim I want your help.Can you make me a blueprint setup for 3ds max 7.PLEASE FIRST and Last..I want this blueprint setup....)Ford Transit Connect)
    Hi Salim!
    I'm pretty fine mate :)
    My projects, huh.. ? Well, I'm trying to model my car (BMW E36) but still I have no time for 3d ;( I hope I'll post some screens of my work soon. How's your Reventon?
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