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Mar 12, 2009
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Jan 2, 1968 (Age: 50)
3D & Music Freelance

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Jul 24, 2016
    1. salim
      hey bro !
      how you've been ? hope you're doing good !
      looking forward to hear from you !

    2. Niray
      Hey qretz, sorry for late reply; Thank you very much, I wish you all the best in New Year and a happy birthday, much of health and wealth! Sorry for delay again, I'm offline almost all the time...
      Best regards friend, seeya
    3. Raff88
      Hi,I contact you because i would delete my account!!!!Can you help me??Thanks
    4. Jomar Machado
      Jomar Machado
      Hi bro,

      Thanks for asking...the floods are in the mountain's region(regiĆ£o serrana), they are 100 or 150km from Rio downtown...
      It is the largest natural disaster happened in Brasil...(more than 600 people killed). It's a region where almost everybody who lives in downtown has a weekend's house.
      I've been busy this end of year and in the new year. I've done another Penguin for another campaign and 7 paint products for a large reseller here.
      I hope you're ok and wish you and your family a bright and happy New Year... ;)
      talk to you soon...
    5. salim
      oh that's nice , good luck to you bro !

      let me know when you start working on something new in 3d :) .
    6. salim
      hello ! i'm fine thanks for asking .
      yup ! i'm working on a mode for a game . and doing renders for clients .

      you can see some of my new work here :
      salim's automotive portfolio

      as for the california i'll finish it but i have no time right now .

      what about you ?
    7. Jomar Machado
      Jomar Machado
      Bro I need your e-mail...I want to send you some news... :D
    8. Jomar Machado
      Jomar Machado
      Hi bro, fine?...

      I recovered from my virose, but this year is a tough year for me...

      My wife and I caught chickenpox!!! a child's desease!!!! :(

      Now I'm recovering from it and it didn't stop me from working....thanks God!!! :D

      I didn't understand about your new thread... virus and spam?!...

      I'm waiting for the news...take care my bro... :)
    9. durban
      hey qretz, thanks a lot :)
    10. Jomar Machado
      Jomar Machado
      Hi bro...

      I've been very busy these last 2 weeks...I'm doing a great project for Christmas
      and the agency that gave me the briefing is in a hurry(as always)...

      I thank you for your words and as soon as possible I'll be doing the cars that I love... ;)

      No, I'm not in a mood for samba... :D

      Best regards my friend and keep me posted with your news... :)
    11. salim
      hey dude !

      well, i'm fine too, thx for asking . and beeing so busy the whole summer working on some cars for a game company, and clients . so i couldn't post more on smc .
      and feel free to write to me anytime you want bro !

      looking for wart to it .
    12. Jomar Machado
      Jomar Machado
      Thank you my brother...nice to read your kindly words...I hope to be ready soon to take part again of our great family at CG-cars... ;)

      Best wishes and take care bro...

      from your friend of a sunny and distant Rio de Janeiro... :)
    13. CLR-AMG
      Thanks for congratulating ;)
    14. aglo
      Hello .Beautiful the car .
    15. Louvers
      Thanks Qretz
      Your Devils clutches Helmets, keys & stand were also great, and definitively worth some votes, it's a pity there's not more voters..
      I feel kinda embarrassed having had as many votes for basically, an hemisphere on a stick compared to all of the finely modeled helmets :o
    16. advan
      thanks a lot mate!
    17. ThunderLight
      hey .. thanks man .. i'll try Mray but am vray user .. thanks again,, regards
    18. ThunderLight
      hi ..
      I like so much this model, even the not real parts (a little concept ) . GREAT interior but, as AlexL says, change the lights and strange reflections. Your model will seem better. Always you can accurate...

      can u please help me with lighting ?? give me some good tutorials if you dont mind ,,


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    Jan 2, 1968 (Age: 50)
    3D & Music Freelance
    P4 D 3Gb, P4 DualCore 1.86
    3Gb & 4Gb
    SONY 19" & DELL 19"
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