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  • hey bro !
    how you've been ? hope you're doing good !
    looking forward to hear from you !

    Hey qretz, sorry for late reply; Thank you very much, I wish you all the best in New Year and a happy birthday, much of health and wealth! Sorry for delay again, I'm offline almost all the time...
    Best regards friend, seeya
    Hi,I contact you because i would delete my account!!!!Can you help me??Thanks
    Hi bro,

    Thanks for asking...the floods are in the mountain's region(região serrana), they are 100 or 150km from Rio downtown...
    It is the largest natural disaster happened in Brasil...(more than 600 people killed). It's a region where almost everybody who lives in downtown has a weekend's house.
    I've been busy this end of year and in the new year. I've done another Penguin for another campaign and 7 paint products for a large reseller here.
    I hope you're ok and wish you and your family a bright and happy New Year... ;)
    talk to you soon...
    oh that's nice , good luck to you bro !

    let me know when you start working on something new in 3d :) .
    hello ! i'm fine thanks for asking .
    yup ! i'm working on a mode for a game . and doing renders for clients .

    you can see some of my new work here :
    salim's automotive portfolio

    as for the california i'll finish it but i have no time right now .

    what about you ?
    Hi bro, fine?...

    I recovered from my virose, but this year is a tough year for me...

    My wife and I caught chickenpox!!! a child's desease!!!! :(

    Now I'm recovering from it and it didn't stop me from working....thanks God!!! :D

    I didn't understand about your new thread... virus and spam?!...

    I'm waiting for the news...take care my bro... :)
    Hi bro...

    I've been very busy these last 2 weeks...I'm doing a great project for Christmas
    and the agency that gave me the briefing is in a hurry(as always)...

    I thank you for your words and as soon as possible I'll be doing the cars that I love... ;)

    No, I'm not in a mood for samba... :D

    Best regards my friend and keep me posted with your news... :)
    hey dude !

    well, i'm fine too, thx for asking . and beeing so busy the whole summer working on some cars for a game company, and clients . so i couldn't post more on smc .
    and feel free to write to me anytime you want bro !

    looking for wart to it .
    Thank you my brother...nice to read your kindly words...I hope to be ready soon to take part again of our great family at CG-cars... ;)

    Best wishes and take care bro...

    from your friend of a sunny and distant Rio de Janeiro... :)
    Thanks Qretz
    Your Devils clutches Helmets, keys & stand were also great, and definitively worth some votes, it's a pity there's not more voters..
    I feel kinda embarrassed having had as many votes for basically, an hemisphere on a stick compared to all of the finely modeled helmets :o
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