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    Zis 101 Sport (1939)

    Hello, For years I had this drawing on my HD and I did not know where to put it. Thank you for this information.
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    Mercedes-Benz W122 Prototype (1956)

    Mercedes W 122 1956 I found Picture from the W 122. Have fun Pt-Lustig (Thomas)
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    IFA G5 (195x)

    ifa Wow, awesome find. Pt-Lustig (Thomas)
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    Mercedes-Benz W153 230

    Mercedes Benz W153 230 This post-war concept from the coachbuilder Baur/ Stuttgart based at the Mercedes Benz W153 230 1938-44 The Line from the Body is similar to the 300S W 188 from 1952 who show the blending from the Classic - to the Ponton Styling. Pt-Lustig ( Thomas )
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    Peugeot 404 Pickup (1983)

    Peugeot 404 Damn good BP, very rare. I Like the 404 Pick Up Pt-Lustig ( Thomas )
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    Mercedes-Benz O 2600 D (1933)

    BP from the instruction manual of this small truck
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    Mercedes-Benz W138 260D (1935)

    Mercedes W 138 260D the first batched flow production Diesel Car 1935.
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    HMMWV M 1025

    many details BP. :) greetings pt-lustig ( Thomas)
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    Tatra T 602 (1949)

    tatra 602 Excellent! Thanks for sharing! Thomas
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    Mercedes-Benz 813 light truck

    The Basic Draw and the consequence with my breakdown truck 1988 and BP from Mercedes Benz Factory. More Pictures here. Truck 01
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    Mercedes-Benz W116 350 SE 1972

    A Little cutaway Drawing from the Mercedes 350 SE from 1972 and the 3,5 L V8 Engine and the floor plan withe Dimension
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    Mercedes-Benz 170 S Cabrio A W136 IV 1949

    A BP from one of the most beautiful Cars from Mercedes Benz the 170 S Cabrio A Typ W136 IV 1949
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    Mercedes-Benz 300d W189 (1956)

    Also continues, a Factory Drawing from the Mercedes W189 from 1956
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    Mercedes-Benz W18 1933

    Also continues in the New Year with a Chassis Factory Drawing from the Mercedes W18 from 1933
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    Mercedes-Benz C 111 Wankel experimental car

    This is one of my oldest BP the c111. with Frame, engine, rear axel and Pictures The C111.gif File, is a BP that i by from my acquaintance, from the list above. I have me this BP to scan in the Format 13568 x 9454 Pixel as a PCX File. The bigness was 15.2 Mbyte i have reduced to a 6649x...