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  • I ve had a bit of exerience with CAD so not a COMPLETE novice..but 3ds Max blew me away when i opened it the other night.. yeah beginner tutorials for sure
    Brand spanking NEWBIE here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hoping to learn how to model my EH Premier Wagon (avatar).Thanks in advance
    Sorry I seem to have some weird problems, cannot reply to PM's. The Spammer is now dealt with, thanks :)
    I brought this months street machine home, ill take some pics of your letter tomorrow when I come home from snowboarding
    hey prykie

    this looks awsome can ya put as some more pics as it progresses and was wondering if buy any chance there would be a hq in the works cheers
    Cudos to you then :P. Certainly wouldn't be easy, oh well I'll tell him to go search for a EH model at a hobby shop and get some prints outta the instructions, thanks anyway!
    Hey trezza, I couldnt find any blueprints at all for the EH. I had to use some photos I found on of a side shot and modelled it from that. It took me ages to get the shape right.
    Hey my name's Tremayne How's It going? Love your EH model, my brother owns a nice EH Holden he restored himself. I've got a friend who just started out modeling and his favourite cars are the eh and ej holdens. I was hoping you could help out in getting hold of some blueprints? I'm assuming you used them to model your EH. If you can send some to me I'd appreciate it very much.

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