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  • Hi Spencer,

    sorry somehow notifications on the smc forum doesn't work for me anymore. I sometimes get emails for a PM but for this one i didn't and i don't visit here as often as i did.
    The 1098 model is not that different to the '08 848. Some minor changes in materials and most significant the clutch cover as the 848 is using a different clutch.
    I'm not selling the model right now as we arre preparing a shop for our models with the next webupdate but i think i can make a version for you.
    Please contact me via email if you are still interested.

    I saw your Ducati 1098 model and was wondering if you would be willing to sell it to me, or willing to make some changes for me (turn it into an 08 848, not too different) and then sell me that model?
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