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  • :D some how its included... :D no need for any plug-in i can import ipt and iam files directly into 3ds max... :D but i thank you for you help. :D
    Hm. im using inventor pro 2010 and 3ds max 2009 but i cant find anything about 3ds max plug-in. and ive tried to reinstall inventor. couldnt find anything. :S

    been searching google with no luck...
    What version of inventor and 3ds max do you use? i can only find the plug-in for inventor 6 (chinese version) on the website...

    okay. how do you import it into 3Ds max? i also prefer to do the textures and presentation in 3Ds max but havent found a way to import it yet. that is acceptable.

    do you use any convertions??? which format do you export to from inventor?
    Hi, just saw your Kyosho RC Car thread. was wondering how you made the textured presentation in your last post. I use Inventor at school aswell, but we never had any teaching in the presentation part, which for me is just as importent as the rest.

    would be greatful for any help.

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