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  • Hi Orik

    A while back I am sure I saw part of your web site where you had a few tutorials on real time car modelling techniques and we exchanged a few emails. I don't think I am going mad but I can't seem to find them now between your two web sites.


    Hey Orik,

    Great work i have seen from you on here. Im a new member but am a fairly experienced modeller. mainly with tracks but some cars too. One thing i was wondering was how you have set up your scenes to look so good in the viewport. I know you are using a decent shader, but do you have some good lighting going on too? Im used to just exporting into keyshot to render but to have such a good viewport look would really help out with seeing the refelction flow and any strange things that might be going on ie edge direction etc

    If you can give me a shout about that i'd appreciate it,

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