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  • Thank you. i was planning to start on a model tonight. will be posting them later this evening when i get home.
    hi ill try again tomorrow night,need to got to bed just now for work tomorrow,if your on a bit earlier ill contact you again if that is ok with you.

    regards malks.
    Hi there OldDog,i watched your tutorial video for setting up the blueprints,i had no problem following them once i looked alot closer and watched very carefully what you were clicking,my only 2 problems i have right now are these and then ill be good to go and start modelling,

    (1) my view ports do not look the same as yours by this i mean the look and the measurement of the squares,ill try to post a screen shot so you can see and understand what is going on better for yourself,that way you can hopefully pinpoint what im doing wrong or missing,
    (2)blueprint appears in the perspective view,but not the top/side/or front view.
    Please could you reply to my queery asap,
    kindest regards malks.
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