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    Mercedes Benz C111 1970 - WIP

    Looks like a very promising start. Too bad there are not many poly guys left here who could give you a constructive feedback.
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    BMW E60 M5 (NURBS)

    Hi guys, I would like to update this thread with a few quick shots witch I took from rhino with a very basic light and shadow settings just to see the shapes in action. I had to rework the shape of the side mirror as the shape of the mirror tip was too sharp, so I've rounded it a bit. I hope...
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    BMW E60 M5 (NURBS)

    I'm coming with an update after almost one year. I've been working on the model here and there with more or less success. A few new parts have been added, some parts had to be remodeled and the whole model has now fillets. Hope to have it finnished with the basic interior at the end of the...
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    BMW E60 M5 (NURBS)

    @younglion , thanks man :) Another small update is here. Tail lights are amost finished. Just a few details needs to be added here and there. There is not so many parts left (breake disks, calipers, windscreen wipers, emblems, license plates and some other small things which I did not notice...
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    BMW E60 M5 (NURBS)

    Hello! It's more than a year from my last update ... I can't believe how fast the time is running ... nevertheless, my beauty finally has an eyes! Few details are still needs to be done, but nothing major. The next part coming will be the rear lights. I'm looking forward and hope that they...
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    Audi A5 (2012)

    Hi! It's not bad at all! Those renders come up pretty good. The only thing I would pointed to is the door handle which looks different then real one and the big gap between the gps antenna and the roof. But other than that, pretty decent work!
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    White Knight Bat Mobile

    Me either but welocome back :) ... looks nice and pretty detailed, what did you use as a reference?
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    BMW E60 M5 (NURBS)

    Hi guys, I'm here with my next project of bmw e60 M5. I love this car and would be great to own one. Because I'm not that rich, I've decided to make a 3d model at least. On the pictures you can see my "modest beginning". It's not going too fast but I have a lot of time :) Right now I have a...