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  • Hey whats up mosted...looks like an identical website as nfscars...& O.O there are a lot of members from there
    Not yet. I'm currently busy with "Pioneer Premier" tuned interior for your Challenger. I'll start making a new avatar/sig template and a little extra surprise for gang members when I finish it.

    For that time, why don't you google some hi-res photos with zoomed-out S302 (i.e. a lot of space around it, preferably filled with great scenery)?
    Now you can, but whatever. Here, there, somewhere else, it doesn't matter. ;)
    All too perfectly.

    BTW, don't you think your project thread at NFSCatz needs a little bump?
    You might ask F.R. for help there. I remember that he converted S281 from Juiced 2.

    If he still has Z3D file, he can make you wireframe blueprints.
    Would be done, don't you worry. ;)

    BTW, if I find some good pics of S302, I even might be able to make blueprints (no promises here).
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