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  • Hey OldDog,no worries its cool,just to let you know i appreciate all the time and effort you are giving to help with my problem,still having them a bit though as you will see from new screen shot,tried the F3 thing worked once but not with the other views as you will see.

    Ok the other problem is when i look at your screen shots you know the unit squares that you measure by well if you look closely and compare you will see that mine are very different from yours,how do i get mines to look the same as yours,what units of measure do you use?you know when you click on the customize tab and set up 3ds max and all the other settings in the preferences tab,i think mines could be set up differently from your program and thats why i am having these problems also.I hope you are able to make out and understand now what im trying to say.

    Kindest regards malks.
    heh Sorry for no sound thing ... i have a problem whit talking in English I get frustrated when i forget the word that i want to use
    about your problems:

    (1) I can't really understand the problem , so I'm w8ing for the screen shot.

    (2) try selecting top/side/or front view and hitting F3 button.
    hope that helps a bit
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