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    Honda Integra S Edition

    man, that spoiler must be putting several thousands of pounds of downforce on these rear wheels, that dont even drive the car!
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    Gaz M-20 Pobeda

    gaz m20 pobeda some more for this soviet tank on 4 wheels :P
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    Mercedes-Benz M class (2005) - High Res

    Instead of SUV they should call it USV... Ultimate Soccermom Vehicle :roll: bmw, mercedes and audi all have such awesome prints :evil:
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    Chrysler 300C (2005)

    can i say BLING BLING :P
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    Porsche Carrera GT (hi-res)

    A big thanks to kunta from for scanning this print for me. I couldnt wait for someone to scan the full size print (the one from hobby search is just.. small), so i went to automotiveforums and looked in the car modeling section. kunta built the tamiya kit, so i just asked...
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    Maz 503

    kamaz 55533 doesnt exist... this is a maz, not a kamaz i dont know the exact model