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    Concept Hotrod Collaberation with Scott Robertson

    The only think I can critique on this is change the DOF on your rendering camera so that the back of the rod is slightly out of focus, other than that. Perfect :D
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    Mercedes W124 Black on Black

    Awesome job, however the tyre profile is waaay too low. I understand what you were going for but this looks silly IMO...
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    Dodge Sprinter Passenger vehicle (2006)

    Also badged as a Freightliner!
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    Truck guards

    Dunno where this should have been posted but Ill leave it here: I'm going to create the using loft...
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    Brock's.Big.Banger.VK 1985 Commodore

    did you finish the Torana one?
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    Mitsubishi Colt Galant GTO MR (1970)

    whipped this up in a day from it:
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    Mitsubishi Magna VR-X (2002)

    I found this cut out. Ill fix in in sketchbook pro when I have a minute...
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    Mitsubishi Colt Galant GTO MR (1970)

    Awesome I'd love to have one of these
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    Mazda Savanna RX-3 GT S102A (1972)

    I am sooooo doing this next....
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    Ford Falcon Ranchero (1965)

    So different to the Australian Falcon ute of the same era - I didn't know this even existed!
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    Chrysler ( Plymouth ) Valiant ( 1960-1962 )

    Seems to be "S" series side and "R" series front
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    Holden HQ (1972)

    This is a rescaled all-in-one blueprint of the HQ. It should now match up as good as it's gunna get....
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    Holden HQ (1972)

    Like I said, its really rough. I plan on adding it to a scene with my XA Falcon
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    Holden HQ (1972)

    I smashed this together really quick (2 hours)to see how close the images are to one another. Just turbosmoothed it and merged in some wheels. The blueprints aren't fantastic but you can line them up manually ok..... As you can see there is potential here....
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    Holden HQ (1972)