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    Mazda 323 GTX (1987)

    Fantastic. Nice rare bp! :D I was looking for this one quite a ways back! Thanks! -chris
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    Lotus 23

    Yes, Fantastic print. Thank you! :) -chris
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    Chaparrals different Types

    Some of those look familiar, but it is i nice collection, all together like that. :) -chris
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    MGB 3-View Hi-Res

    BRILLIANT. Thanks for these. I was looking quite a long time for a set. :D -chris
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    Triumph TR4 4view bp +frame bp

    Beautiful. Thanks for these ones! :D -chris
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    Ford Sierra RS500 (Requested)

    Nice print. :D -chris
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    Austin Healey Sprite Frogeye (1958-61)

    1958 - 61 Austin Healey Sprite ( Frogeye ) Thanks again Swen! I have had a bit of trouble finding any type of blueprint for these British sportscars! This should do well to get started. 8) Cool! :twisted: -chris
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    Triumph Spitfire 1500 (1978)

    Awesome! Thanks Swen! Any more Triumphs in that pile of yours, maybe a TR-4 or even TR-6? Thanks again! -chris
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    Jaguar Mk2 Blueprints...

    Here is a .zip with all of the usefull bits from a Tamiya model of the car. I haven't been seen these anywhere(hobbysearch doesn't have them either) so here they are. It has the regular black and white blueprints(T,S,F,B) and also the color blueprints fom the box(all four again). Also in the...