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  • hey bro !

    i guess the muscle car you did diserve a better renders ;) , yu should spend some time working on the renders and use show good angles that show the amount of work you did in it , show a render of the interior too .
    people to vote love to see details ;) . i guess you got what i mean .

    Ето едно видео от мен за вдъхновение ;)

    YouTube - DTM History - The Golden Years
    Bace are pishi mi na skype: zl1q_embrion 4e iskam da te pitam neshto za materialite na miga4ite na 190tkata ;) . Ina4e evala mn dobre sa stanali :P
    hey Kiro
    I took a look on your E30 325i M Tech and it's awesome
    you made a great job
    May i ask you if you put your model on site to sell or share it
    I try to found out this model for a project but nothing
    I hope your response
    THX !!!
    And again you made a great job !!!!
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