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    Koenigsegg Regera

    Modeled in Rhino 6, from scratch.
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    Porsche 911 (991.2) Turbo S

    I did this from scratch, in Rhinoceros 6.
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    McLaren 720 S

    Hi guys. Long time no see This is my latest project, but i'm frankly too lazy to keep
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    Supra A90 - Finished

    Last render is pretty nice. About surfacing i see some bumps , pinches and creases here and there. Anyway, good work in general.
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    Russo Balt K12-20 (1911)

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    M-16 halftruck (WWII)

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    Opel Blitz (WWII)

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    Audi RS3 hatchback (2012)

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    Porsche Macan S (2014)

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    BMW M4 Coupe (2014)

    @keyz Unless the photo are orthogonal (and they never are) this is not the right section to post it. The reference pics section is the right place. And, anyway, i already posted there pics of the M4.
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    Nissan Murano (2008)

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    Bristol Lodekka [bus] (1956)

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    [tank] Panzer I Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf.A (WWII)

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    [tank] Puma 6x6 autoblindo (ITA) (2001)

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    Mercedes-Benz 1632 NG85 (1985)