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  • Hi man...
    How are you?

    I hope the floods in Rio de Janeiro not have affected you and your friends and your things are safe. Also hope you're having so luck with the job.

    Your spanish friend...
    I live in a tropical land but chipanzees and gorillas are very farway from me...:D

    Sorry Alonso didn't make it...but next race will tell the new champion... ;)

    I loved Barcelona 3X1 Getafe...I'm a Flamengo fan here in Brasil(Rio de Janeiro)...but Barça is the best in the world!!! Congrats... :)
    That´s a child disease... and it has been observed in other primates, including chimpanzees and gorillas (Wikipedia) ... man, take care the people you go :grin:

    The new thread of virus and spam is for my job. I´m selling antivirus to the universities, hospitals, ... and appliances for this web threats. I want the people can talk to me about their virus and spam troubles to try to solucionate and learning from them... and them from me.

    What about this idea?

    By the way... i´m sure you will be at Sunday looking the TV to see the F1 race... look what ALONSO is going to do. Enjoy...

    ... and don´t steal more virus to me. Even the chickenpox man. ;)
    Hi Jomar. How are you? Completely recovered?
    Here i am, working with my virus and spam. May be i do a thread to help in this matter.
    What do you think about it?
    Hi man. I hope your health allows you to continue to teach us design and showing us the good side of life. Keep it up, my brazilian friend...

    Regards. Pedro
    Salve Jomar

    O Gustavo Rocca da Quê Next está precisando de um carro de Fórmula 1 e me ligou. Te indiquei,
    Mande um e-mail para ele:

    Pra variar é urgente...

    Espero que dê certo,

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