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    Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City Buses (2013)

    Ah they are attached, for some reason it doesn't show the thumbnail indeed. Don't worry then and thanks :)
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    Volvo 744 B230F (1987)

    Oh wow, this and the wagon print are great. Thanks!
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    Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City Buses (2013)

    Looks good though, could you attach the images to the post?
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    Volkswagen Transporter - Finnish Police (2013)

    Got these from finnish police website, one of the concept drawing of their new liveries.
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    Volvo 264 (1975)

    wow this is looking pretty good, thanks 8)
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    My motivation WIP thread

    Cheers :) Those models are quite old and I'm not sure where they are. I've finished lots of models after them though. I was just offered to do something totally different, will show here once I get thing going.
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    Nissan Skyline C110 (Kenmeri/Yonmeri)

    Nice looking model, what kind of wireframe Sketchup makes? Few models I've reviewed, their wireframe hasn't been good for game engines.
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    Volvo 1800 ESC Prototype (1971)

    That looks rather interesting, too bad they never started it. I guess oil crisis might have something to do with it. <- Another one who has thing with old Volvos
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    My motivation WIP thread

    It's been a while since I was here, IRL caught me I guess, so Hi to all old members and new ones. This thread is for me so I could get some motivation to start something, I've done few freelance jobs but it's hard for me to stay in tight schedule these days. I still want to model something to...
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    Motor City Objects

    We need more! Any updates? :D
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    Hey mate. We do appreciate your donations but please sort them yourself. We don't have time to check them more than you do.
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    Fiat Scudo Wagon (2007)

    If Moritzamica would have top view, it would be here already. Sometimes all views are not available
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    Maserati Quattroporte (1979-90)

    fixed, thanks :)
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    Mazda Demio (2007)

    Please don't hotlink blueprints from Onno's site.
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    Peugeot 5008 (2010)

    I believe those are originally made by Peugeot not Distinctivechris ;)