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  • Hi,

    I assume you are admin, since your name color is yellow?
    I just wondered if its possible that you could change my user name from "AleksJH90" to "Alekz90" ?

    since you use 3ds Max, could you help me out, i model in quads in 3ds max, but the wireframe in the viewports is showing in tris and thats annoying...

    thanks in advance
    Hello Admin,

    can I make a thread in the 'games-wip' section, what I'd like is to ask people if they want their cars put in game. We have a Muscle Car racing league going at Games Crib, and we sure would like more cars... we do our own physics and textures and lots, but we can't do 3D... yet. Besides - people here may be able to do cars and have trouble getting them in game.

    We do GTLegends, but games like GTR2, Evo, Race07, rFactor could be fixed too. One of our league races:
    YouTube - GCMCL S4R5 OldRingPark
    Hi Jonas, i was trying to post a thread of my gta san andreas mods in the GTA section, but it said i don't have the necessary privileges :( any chance you could fix it so i can post? thanks.
    Hey Johnas,

    For some reason I don't have permission to post a new thread in the high res WIP thread. My 90 - 91 Eagle Talon belongs in there so if you could move it for me I would appreciate it. Plus, if you feel like giving a critique while you are there please feel free. Thanks Johnas.
    ye i tought that to , so I sent him the link to my online tutorials , and to the blueprint.
    btw he is 14 xD annoying little brat
    Hi! I want to share my Barchetta blueprints, but I can't post on the Blueprints forum. Can you help me? Thank you.
    bonjour j ai créer un compte mais je na i pas recus de mail pour l'activer pourquoi?????????? merci mon adresse mail est cordialement
    That'd be excellent! You don't have an account on CG cars do you? There's been lot of activity on that site with the inclusion of advanced modeling sub-forums, but we can also get a boost in worthwhile projects in our forums with the HQ stuff of our own. :)
    Great idea on the HQ WIP sub-forum! Kudos! I was wondering if you guys have an agenda of creating a HQ Finished work section too?
    Neloseen ei löydy vielä skriptiä Maxiin ja siinä ei enää käytetä DFF. Pitää ootella, että joku seppä väsää sen skriptin eka. Lisäks tarttis uuden pc:n :L
    Jaa jaa, arvelin että löytyy kun suunnitelit jo sen Challengerin laittoa peliin. Eikö .3ds:ää saa käännettyä .dff:ksi?
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