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  • Hey In SMC Gallery ... this is what appears
    Hi there im new in forum
    I want to post some aniamtion and breakdown vid.
    But I cant because I need a like and like ratio.. but how can I get a like whithout chance to post a thread ?
    Any idea how to solve that issue ?
    Thanks a lot in advance.
    do i have to make separate threads for everything? or can i just make a "Chong's GTASA Workshop" thread?
    also, if its ok, i will link everything to my gtagarage download pages, that way, people can always get the latest versions of stuff :)
    cool thanks :) i just need to find which of my mods is crashing my game first.. i will be uploading some stuff soon though, and i will try to find/make some prints to contribute soon as well :)
    oops, sorry for the massive delay in response.. i had forgotten about this site and lost my password.. i just got reconnected :)
    i might upload all my good models here at some point, if there is still an option for that.
    your link seems to have broken sometime in the last year though :(
    Yeah i have had an answer about the like button. On another V Buletin forum i was a member on had a feature that merged posts.
    I havent tried since i dont want to double post but dose this forum have the feature that puts double posts together into 1 post? & with the new Like feature i think it would be more sensible toremove the "Thanks" button?
    Ah ok. Thanks. It would seem their are a couple of bluepprint theread that are the same. i have seen 2 Land Rover Discovery 3ones.
    Hey johnas i want to add another blueprint to the trains section. i get a V Buletin message saying i dont have permition. just weanted to know if i generally am not allowed to make a thread or if its just a problem with the forum?

    I cant find the tab thing to chose a profile picture. i can find the avatar one.
    Ah ok thanks. With the 3D modeling software or whatever it is in the about me thingy on my profile their is no Skechup :( I have blender but i cant use it so i use Skechup instead. Allso why cant we have profle pictures?
    I dont understand what the competiton is. Is it real cars or codeld cars on a computer? & why do we need 5000e?
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