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    VAZ 2108 Sputnik

    It was originally called "Sputnik" (="Satellite"), Lada ppl switched to "Samara" name later.
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    ZAZ 965 (1965)

    Re: VAZ 965 That's not a VAZ...that's an evil machine called ZAZ! Could be considered a Porsche scale model in fact. :D
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    MAZ 503 dump truck

    This must be the 17th time i see this MAZ print here :D
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    Ferrari GG 50 Concept (Italdesign)

    Re: Ferrari/Italdesign CG 50 (56k !) Gorgeous!! 8o
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    Cadillac Convertible 1959

    NICE donation! These US classic are so hard to model w/out prints. Me wants more of these :mrgreen:
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    Hyundai Getz (2005/2006)

    Wow, what a nice Hyundai! 8o  Anyone got a top view? EDIT: Did i really say that?!?! Ooops :mrgreen:
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    Mercedes-Benz M class (2005) - High Res

    I really don't like this MB, but looking at this bp i wanna do one. :shock: Kickass donation!
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    UAZ (Russian millitary 4x4) a lot of different models.

    UAZzzz power. :twisted:
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    Maz 503

    This is MAZ 503, old Russian truck. That's for sure. :wink: Here's the real car:
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    Jaguar S-Type

    lol, just prefer Mondeo to it...A "real" Ford is better than a fake Jaguar. :P
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    Jaguar S-Type

    Yeah, me too (not X-type tho :x ), but this print seems to have perspective on front view (or i'm just need glasses...)
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    Chrysler Airflite

    Moreover, I think it's a prototype or something, I've never seen 300M with such a rear end, the real car must be the sedan or wagon. Here's the 300C ;)
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    Chrysler Airflite

    Hmmm...are you sure it's a 300M?.. Looks weird, but the print quality is great.