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    Audi A5 (2012)

    can we see your wireframes.... the nice renders hides our mistakes.
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    White Knight Bat Mobile

    mostly my references are from the comics series from DC which is from BATMAN - THE WHITE KNIGHT
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    White Knight Bat Mobile

    3dmodeled in 3dsmax using open subd + some kit bashing and rendered using octane with 2500 samples and denoised on wasting 30 minutes rendering time each on threadripper machine with 3 1080 ti. hope you like it folks.. cheers.
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    White Knight Bat Mobile

    its been years i havent been on this site .. how are you all. because no project at the moment i want to test the denoiser of octane and here is it.
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    Mitsubishi Lancer (2007)

    THE REAL MITSUBISHI LANCER 2007 In Asia, Singapore, malaysia and japan.... this is the lancer 2007 that i know off.... nice design but still the honda civic type r is still much faster