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    Cadillac ''series 62'' 2 doors sedan (1949)

    Attachment missing, please reupload :) Cheers, exidge
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    ALFA ROMEO 8C 2300 (1932)

    What are you talking about? Here a quick search result:
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    Subaru Impreza WRX STi 2011-2013

    hello, please don't upload zip files. Upload atleast a thumbnail first and then your zip-file. Thanks! Cheers, exidge
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    Rolls-Royce Phantom II Drophead Coupe' (1933)

    Thanks for posting this and so many other blueprints! Cheers, exidge
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    Aston Martin DBS 2010

    Hi, please upload all your images in one thread. Don't create for every image you produce a thread. Looks great btw :-) ..and your paint reflects obviosly not the ground/sand :-) Cheers, exidge
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    McLaren P1

    Hi, there is already a print called "Mclaren P1". I merged this and the other thread together. Cheers, exidge
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    Honda S2 iDrive

    Nah it's cool. We already have a bunch of these prints : ) Cheers, exidge
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    Honda S2 iDrive

    It's not an official Prototype. A guy seems to produce his own designs for every brand. I'm sure many people get cofused. It's like Kangal would draw cars and produce blueprints marking them as "Concept Cars" or "Prototypes". Cheers, exidge
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    Bentley v10 5.2L Prototype

    another fake :) Cheers, exidge
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    Rolls-Royce V16 9.0

    Rolls Royce ?? V16 9.0 liter Handsketch Design by ~hanif-yayan on deviantART
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    Rolls-Royce V16 9.0

    What is that?
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    Nissan GTR35 Premium Edition ( 2007 )

    Thank you Briex for the time you spend to scan them! Cheers, exidge
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    Subaru BRZ (2012)

    Hey guys, please there is no need waste time on arguments :) @Moritz: I think Lynx is right. He just added another, maybe even better print which didn't exist here before. Some people model cars in 3d here, and they sometimes look for better prints because most of them are not accurate. So it's...
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    Renault Super 5 (1988)

    So how to name it right? Renault Supercinq? Renault 5 Supercinq? Renault R5 Supercinq? Year? 1884 regarding wikipedia? Cheers, exidge
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    Koenigsegg CCX

    Indeed, please upload the other car separatly