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  • Re: VW Split screen type 2 t1 transporters / camper van / bus
    I notice that you have posted loads! of blueprints especially VW buses etc... cool. I am new here and new to 3d modeling... i can use autocad but the mesh/surface/nurbs things in Rhino take time to learn properly
    I have been trying to build an Acurate VW transporter in rhino 3D for a while now...! I wish to make some slight body mods to a pile of rust! in the garage etc, before i do so i would like to draw some 3D variants in Rhino 3D etc mockups etc before making a mistake on the real thing!
    do you know anyone who might have anything that can help me make a good "easier" start?

    I would be very greatful of any help
    D Jones
    i am kulavit and i am an engineer student. rightnow i am doing a project on surface design and i need the blueprint of new beetel with dimension. Would you mind sending me the blueprint?
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