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  • Love ya ZH Fairlane mesh man, how did you make it?? Very impressive, I used to own one, its in Car heaven now I think.. White '76 351, I saw another dark blue one in Geelong, it's tempting, but ill go for a wicked poster and keep that on the wall till then. Just wanted to say well done!
    Hello Dr. Feelgood,

    I was wondering if you still had your Redline Trans Am blueprints the post originally containing them no longer has the files.

    Please message me back, and have a nice day.
    Hi there, got a question about the RWR contest.

    If i'm right a audi R10 would be not what you want to have in the contest, right?
    Hello brother, fine?...

    The image I've done, Porsche 356 speedster,
    was choosen- Picture of the Week - in the site 3dartistonline:

    3D Artist

    I hope you like it too... ;)


    Jomar Machado
    Jomar Machado
    CGPortfolio - Jomar Machado
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