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    ZAZ-965 "Zaporozhets" (1960-1969)

    Very nice blueprints from the 1961 NAMI Car Body Design Atlas - external views and interior plan with all dimensions. Cleaned up & aligned. Unfortunately, some of the numbers are difficult to read. As a bonus, I've added a poster from "Modelist-Konstruktor" magazine. This is my first donation...
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    GAZ M-21 Volga (1970)

    Interior blueprint
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    GAZ M-21 Volga (1970)

    Another blueprint It represents the second generation of GAZ M-21 (generation III is depicted on Moritzamica's picture) In full size:
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    Gaz-24 Volga GAZ-24 Universal (wagon) with all dimentions in millimeters
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    GAZ M-1 (1935)

    Essentially it was a derivation of the Ford V8 with another fenders, suspension and I4 engine from the Ford model A.
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    Gaz-24 Volga

    Let me note The first bluerprint is VERY incorrect :-) And the second one depicts a toy car, indeed (but anyway is usefull).