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  • sry i couldnt get on my pc and msn cos its f**ked up, so im on a crappy laptop, anyway i tried to add the source on cydia although when i dl it. it says bad url and ****
    hey man i saw ur posts at hackulous :D im trying to fix my installous its not working for some reason :P u might know
    Hey C-J, I've seen your thread "Dune Buggy" and reqeust to you but you don't accept private messages, your work ist awesome, i would ask you, whether you have any size from the blueprints?
    Nah inches is standard man Meters are metric lol hey bro you should add me to msn man would be sick to talk to you in person brother.
    Man, I might have to beg you to design some sick rims for this 350z fairlady im workin on xD though th rims might put my modeing skills to shame xD lmao. nah On a serious note bro, I was looking at your rims man, and I noticed your details are kind of percise. Do you use metic or standard messurements when modeling? xD
    Hey C-J whats up bud, dude checkin out some of those rims of yours man got to say you pay way to much attention to detail man i see now what your tag is detail whore xD haha
    Yea well the issue im having is figuring out were and what parts i need haha.Like with my suspension at first i wasnt sure if it was spring or hydraulic but i finally figured it out.
    Hey man were are you getting your pics from on your 1960 peterbilt.Its super detailed and i just dont see how your finding them???
    yea thats right, is the DC function still the same, and are you still looking for a rim modeler? btw, wut happened to GOM!?!?! greetz
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