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  • i came all the way from NFSCars to ask you the same thing. It is too bad that you removed them. Everybody loved them and its a shame that I lost them as well.

    Have a good one, it was nice to actually talk to you.
    Hey Bookmaker what's up dude??...I'm from nfscars also...
    Well I have a query to you...Do you still have your moded cars for most wanted??...Because I have seen some members including me from nfscars are wanting your mods...
    Book, I’m dropping in to say that your work is – how did Rob (almost) put it? – jaw-droppingly amazing!!! The extent of progress I’ve witnessed throughout the few months following your first release (which itself was stunning – it’s just that I’m not crazy enough about that barchetta to be able to fully appreciate your skillful effort to breathe some virtual life into it) is simply unbelievable.

    I think it’d be great if you could add your other works to your projects folder for easy reference. And I still hope you revisit that mysterious golden thing some day.

    I’m sorry I haven’t written you lately (being either overly busy or just plain old lazy) but I’ll give you a (hopefully amusing) update via email soon.

    Take care. :)

    P.S. I did NOT disable my visitor images at NFSC***s. But I sure as hell have a good reason to believe I know who did. :D
    Hi Bookmaker :) It's been a long time since I log in here. Wow dude you've gone to far now in modeling cars! That was a very nice Ferrari 166 and specially that Bonneville. That's spectacular :) Take care ;) We miss you. Nice to see you here comfortable in smcars.
    Wow, Book, i just saw your finished Bonneville and my jaw dropped.
    Your Bonneville is just...i can't even find a proper word...
    I saved your renders on my hdd, they are incredible.
    I think i should learn from you, how to model cars.
    Hi Bookmaker, what's up?
    Is your this 'Vette: NFSCars Need For Speed: Most Wanted Chevrolet Stingray by fire_rocker?
    Hi. Bugatti Veyron for NFSC is released. You can download it here: Need For Speed Modding Tools It doesn't have custom performance but I hope Arushan will release his VLT Edit for Carbon. Mod tools aren't finished yet.
    You can't post directly to the blueprints forums, we have dedicated own forum for donations. You can upload blueprints there :)
    Hi Bookmaker! How are you? I have good news. nfsu360 a.k.a. dav_POLAND has successfully cracked NFS Carbon. Also Arushan is back and he says he has VLTEdit for Carbon. Double Mac is back too but he disabled visitor messages. Are you planning to convert cars to Carbon?
    I was planning to continue audi this month, but Underground 2 modding stopped me. I'm converting cars to that game.
    Hi! Do you have any plans of coming back on NFSCars? And do you want to join Anti-Ricer Gang? We have GTC there and it's a very active thread.
    Thanks and happy holidays to you too! I'm modeling my first car too. The car is Audi R8 5.2 quattro, but I don't have much time for it. I will continue in January.
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