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    Porsche 911 (mod.991) GT3 (2013)

    Thank you,the same for you :)
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    Porsche 911 (mod.991) GT3 (2013)

    I dindn't tested them,bet they look fine to me :) In the future I will star making the Koen. One :) Thanks again for the blueprints :D
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    Porsche 911 (mod.991) GT3 (2013)

    Well,you can't forget or lose your skills :P I think the next car you will be awesome ;) .....and I want to ask if you will post more blueprints ? :D
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    Porsche 911 (mod.991) GT3 (2013)

    I was realy wondering where have you been? And now I have the answer :D Good blueprints,thank you !
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    Using IBL in 3DS Max 2014

    Common Dave,stop making picture of cars on the street =) hahaha....Very nice,I realy like it :D
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    Making of McLaren MP4-12C

    Go to dave_3d's post with the Jaguar XF and you will see a simple explication about smoothing groups :) by Duron,of course
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    Porsche 911 RSR 2007

    Thank you is a small update :)
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    Porsche 911 RSR 2007

    Hy there,glad to see that SMC is back in bussines :D I started modeling a Porsche,wich is my favourite brand :)
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    Blueprint setup !!!

    Views --> Show material in viewport as --> (here try both) Shaded with maps or Realistic with maps
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    Porsche 911 (1968)

    WOOOOWWW thanks :D :D :D :D
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    McLaren P1

    Wowwwwww.....well that appearead very soon :D Thank you :D