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    VW T1 Bus Type 23 (1960)

    Nice. In the 60s these were mostly driven by hippies and other members of the "counterculture." Today they are actually worth a lot of money here in the USA. There was a variant of this car that had clerestory windows along the roof line. Good condition examples can sell for nearly $50,000.
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    Audi 100 (1975)

    Nice blueprint HakRus. I remember seeing a few of these back in the late 70s' in my home town. They looked cool, but unfortunately they didn't hold together very well. They rusted and the disc rotors (which were inboard next to the transmission) used to warp and lock up.
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    Adler Logo

    And here's one more. De Tomaso is a pretty well known brand, and you'd think it would be easy to find good examples of this logo, but there aren't any. Now there is.
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    Adler Logo

    Here's another one I just finished for the Bradley, which was a VW based kit car in the 70s. In all modesty I think this one turned out pretty well.
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    Adler Logo

    Here's the more detailed version...
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    Duesenberg SJ (1937)

    Magnificent. It's a dual cowl phaeton, but any idea who the bodywork was by? Murphy?
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    [tank] T-90 (1993)

    I've read a lot about the T-90 but it's kind of hard to see one here in the USA. I heard Russia was working on a newer tank called the T-95 with a very low silhouette and a lot of advanced features. Has anybody heard about that?
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    Adler Logo

    Hi guys! Haven't had a chance to post anything in a while as I'm looking for full time employment. I had a thread running a while ago about reproducing old car logos that have been out of circulation for a long time. I just finished a new one for the Adler company. They had a cool logo, but it...
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    Adler Trumpf 1,5 Ltr 6/30 PS (1932)

    Thanks for this. It's hard to find cutaways that show the relationship between engine, firewall and passenger compartment.
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    Cadillac 60 S Fleetwood (1963-64)

    Here's an actual 60 just for comparison. Notice the wraparound windshield, the grille and heavy headlight eyebrows.
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    Buick (1957)

    I've seen it too I've noticed this in other brands as well. There is a painting of a Triumph in Consumer Guide's book on collectible cars. Compared to the other cars the painted car seems huge, as big as an American midsize car, dwarfing the driver.
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    Buick Range (1974)

    Electra! A man lived right acrosss the street from where I grew up who owned a 74 Electra Limited hardtop sedan.
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    Automobile logos

    Kleinschnittger Here’s the logo for a strange little car that was made in small numbers in Germany right after World War II. Can’t quite figure the logo out. The wings I get, a bug of some kind. But what’s the weird thing poking out of the front? Some kind of antennae? Anyway, here it is. I...
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    Automobile logos

    Thanks rickyss, I'll definitely do that. To be honest I hadn’t thought of the texturing angle. I could also upload the layered Photoshop files I used if you like, which would make texturing easier. I got the idea after my wife sent me a whole lot of images of early car logos she found. Most of...
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    Automobile logos

    Ruxton Logo And here's a prettier version.