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  • Hi.
    For some reason I'm unable to post at your Sydney thread.. but i just wanted to say that i come back to this website from time to time just to take a look at that thread and your work. I sorry for how it started :( Glad your not giving up on finishing it !

    hey i know that build was old but do u happen to still have the 3d model of the Abflug supra been looking for one for ages now and urs is the only one i found to what im looking for.. wanted to convert it to a game i play.. will give all credit where credit is due Please and thanks in advance
    oh okay. i have no skills in modeling. so i have been looking for a bn sports modeled fc for awhile now and came across that one
    hi i was wondering if you had your fc in z3d format because i was hoping you would let me put it in a video game called live for speed. i absolutely love your model, and i think alot of people in lfs would too
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