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  1. mixer0830
  2. Kath Frin
  3. Fran Lind
  4. Jacq Riva
  5. DominiqueOdom
    Whoa a nickel. Ok, but as the brig. I guess because my inhibitions?
  6. Geffo
    Geffo xX JonthE Xx
    Hi, my name is Peter, and I deal freelancce partnerships to work both archiviz that modeling car.
    Attached are some of my productions made in 3Ds Max 2016 + vray + 3.30 PhotoshopCC2015.
    For more assistance, I'm available.
    I apologize for my bad English.
    Peter Tuscano.

    My site:
  7. pilgrim001
    automobile navigation system
  8. jospBln
    jospBln Piterus_123
    Hi, I just discovered your wonderful Mercedes T1 3d models. Do you still get these messages and do you still have them?

  9. doom17
    doom17 C-J
    wow .. you're still here :D
  10. C-J
    Back in action
  11. vincentstop2013
    vincentstop2013 thomas_le
    great modeling of bmw m4.
    I am modeling the m4 too.and your works inspire me so much
    I am much confused how to model the car interior,is there any tutorial you have?I want to learn something about this so much.
    Thank you very much,and have a good day.!
    All the best!
  12. Samurai: T.C.W.
    Samurai: T.C.W.
    Michael Douglas appeared at the F1 Grand Prix catch whats left.
  13. Jpaang
    What's with the spam in bp donations? I want to post my BMW 7 blueprints
  14. jaytang
  15. Wyatt
    I love modeling in Rhino
  16. BOJA
    BOJA Kangal
    Dalla tua interfaccia di Rhino non vedo la barra di VSR Shape Modeling, eppure sono sicuro che lo usi... =)
    1. Kangal
      No no, non uso VSR e nessun plug-in, odio i plug-in, mi disturbano il programma. In Rhino c'è tutto quello che mi serve. Io sono di Torino.
      Mar 24, 2016
  17. BOJA
    BOJA Kangal
    Hei fratello, scopro per caso che sei italiano !! Ecco perchè modelli bene =)
    1. Kangal
      Eh eh , grazie caro. Ci sono pochissimi italiani qui, è bello incontrarne uno :)
      Mar 23, 2016
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  18. Zerone Chow
  19. Jpaang
    I've been out of the 3D modeling realm for 3 years, but as of 2/25/2016 I'm ready to start fresh!
  20. Samurai: T.C.W.
    Samurai: T.C.W.
    Ready for the Daytona 500 this weekend.